“Thrive Creative Dance opened up the world of dance for my daughter. She had done dance classes before, but she always wanted to do dance her own way and not be told every step. Thrive Creative Dance was the perfect fit for her as it encourages creativity while teaching foundational skills for dancing. Shantal and Christine helped her see her talent as a dancer.”


“Thrive Creative Dance is a great fit for our family. My daughter loves going and I love how easy and affordable it is, no shoes, costumes or other extras. It’s clear that the instructors love teaching dance. They are patient and kind, and make it so much fun.”


“This has been the FIRST and only dance class that she has completely fell in love with from DAY one. The instructors are so warm and welcoming. The other students are friendly and really welcomed Hannah into the group... I felt it was an amazing class for the price and (class is) longer than all the other schools we’ve tried. The students are allowed to express themselves and add their own ideas to the basic skills the instructors give them. It has built her confidence up so much, she has blossomed in her skills and in speaking in public.”


“[My boys] really enjoyed their class. They have to sit still so much at their preschool. It’s nice to see them be creative and move.”

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