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Hello and Welcome to Thrive Dance!

You’ll find we’re really good at helping kids find their creative voice, which fuels their desire to learn technique. We also work hard to provide our families with great customer service. Check out our classes, or find out more about us below!


Good dancers who are also good people.


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What makes Thrive different than other studios?

Thrive Dance has created a program for children and teens who love to move! No waiting around in line or fussy dance costumes here. We want our students’ love of dance to grow along with their knowledge of dance. We do that in each level a bit differently based on where the students are developmentally.

We take lots of care and effort to make our studio a positive place, through our teaching as well as our expectations of students. Our music is uplifting and family-friendly.

Students are introduced to dance as an art, as well as a technique. Our innovative curriculum has been created by the founders, who have many years of experience teaching, as well as degrees and certifications in dance education.

We also believe that the parents’ experience is just as important as the students. We prioritize making this easy, low stress, and low cost to our families, because we know how hard it is to make it all work!

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