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We create good dancers, who are also good people. 

Your child can have an engaging, challenging and inspiring dance class this year! Click below to see all we offer for students ages 18 months-18 years. 







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"It's a studio fueled by the creativity of it's students"     

-awesome parent

Have you seen what happens to a group of kids when you turn on a fun song? They instantly start dancing; it's what they were made to do!

Creative dance classes take that natural love of movement and guide kids to move in a way they haven't tried before through games, problem solving, and body exploration.

For our tweens and teens, we challenge them with more advanced technique, then we let them use that technique to express themselves through the choreography portion of class. Any dancer that loves to create on their own will love it.

Our educated, professional teachers will nurture and cultivate each students' heart for dance, themselves and for others. 



No fees.

No Shoes.

Just Dance.


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Bringing creativity into the dance studio is immensely rewarding for the teachers and the students. We all leave class sweaty and proud of our work. 

Because our instructors are also highly trained in contemporary, ballet, and jazz, they have a huge appreciation for dance as a craft. This is where technique classes come in. 

We want our students to have strong creative voices as well as a sound technical platform from which to grow. So we offer technique classes for students ages 6 and up that integrate improvisation and choreography into each lesson.

When it comes to the arts, you won't be heard if people can't understand you.




"learn the rules like a pro, so you can break them like an artist."   


Dance for kids and teens who love to move.



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