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Job Title

Jazz Teacher

Job Summary

We are looking for someone highly skilled to start our jazz program with beginning dancers ages 10-13. The jazz curriculum has not been established and along with the owners, Christine and Shantal, you would have the opportunity to help create one. We do ask our teachers to do some administrative work; it will be 1-2 hours a week and focuses on you connecting with your students and their families. Teachers are our most important asset and we love to invest in them by giving continuing education, flexible schedule, paying well for their experience and honoring their time.


  1. Taught jazz for at least 3 years

  2. Knows how to choreograph dances

  3. Is kind and respectful to kids, teens & parents, even when they might not be

  4. Is willing to learn and implement creative games and choreographic principles into their class

  5. Can teach multiple age levels, sometimes at once

  6. Is willing to sub other classes

  7. Can guide students in creating their own dance, with giving directions, suggestions and support to them

  8. Has a positive, team-oriented attitude 


  1. Teach one jazz classes a week in kind and professional manner, showing up 15 min early and staying until all students have been picked up

  2. Come to class with music, speaker (provided to you by Thrive), and groomed neatly

  3. Learn our studio software system for attendance, taking occasional payments from parents, and sending out emails to students in your class

  4. Work with students to choreograph a 2-3 minute dance and have it be well rehearsed for our Showcase performance

  5. Be present at the Showcase and have certain roles assigned to you 

  6. Attend monthly meetings in person or via Skype 

  7. Be ready and willing to learn our systems for communication (Slack, google drive  & google calendar)

  8. Help create curriculum for the year

  9. Follow curriculum and track progress for sub

  10. Uphold our studio values

Studio Values

  1. All students have worth.

  2. We spread our love and knowledge of dance to students through positive encouragement.

  3. Teachers, students, staff, and parents will be kind and respect each other.

  4. Creative expression is just as important as technique.


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