Frequently Asked Questions

+ How much does a class cost?

The cost depends on the length of class and how you choose to pay. You can pay by class, month, or session. You get the best deal when you pay by the session. You may pay with cash, check, or credit.

30 minute class - $10/class, $38/month, $120/session

45 minute class - $15/class, $42/month, $145/session

60 minute class - $15/class, $45/mo, $154/session

90 minute class - $18/class, $50/month, $185/session

*Our ParentTot class is a flat $55 fee for 6 weeks

+ Where are your classes held?

We meet in the Richland Community Center at

500 Amon Park Drive Richland, Wa 99352

+ When can I sign up?

You are welcome to sign your student up at any time! Our creative dance classes are especilly easy to walk into any day. And our technique teachers can get new students up to speed without any stress.

+ Do you have any extra fees or costs?

No, we do not require special shoes for class or have any costume fees. You pay for class and that is it!

+ What level is my child in?

Thrive's leveling system is based on age and cognitive developement rather than just on ability. Our teachers are very skilled at teaching multi-level classes so even students of different abilities will learn in the same class.

ParentTot - Ages 1-3

Yellow - Ages 3-4

Orange - Ages 4-6

Mint - 1st grade-3rd grade

Navy - 4th grade-7th grade

Silver - 8th grade-12th grade

+ What should my student wear?

ParentTot, Yellow & Orange Creative Dance Classes - Wear stretchy, comfortable clothes that are easy to move in while wearing. We will dance barefoot so no special shoes are required. Our Tap & Music classes are welcome to wear tap shoes if they like.

Mint, Navy, Silver Technique Classes - Wear stretchy athletic clothes with no zippers or buttons. You may wear technique shoes (ballet or jazz shoes) or you can bring socks.

Hip Hop Classes - Wear stretchy, comfortable clothes that are easy to move in and bring tennis shoes or boots. Sandals will not be allowed due to safety.

+ When does the session start and end?

Our first day of class will be Tuesday, September 3rd. Our last class is Thursday December 5th. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday classes will not be held the week of Thanksgiving.

+ Do you have a recital?

We do not have a large, end of the year production. We do however, have a Showcase at the end of each session, in which all students will perform something from class. It always includes student's choreography as well as the teacher's. This is a fun time for the students to show off their work without putting too much stress on you!

+ How long do I have to committ to class?

The beauty of Thrive is that you get to pick! You can sign up for a single class, monthly payments (which you can cancel at any time via email and not have to pay for any classes after your withdrawl), or the whole session.

+ What should I do if we have to miss a class?

If you miss a class, no big deal! Let us know ahead of time if you can via email or facebook messenger. If you forget, we will just shoot you an email to say we missed you and hope to see you next week.

+ What do I need to do during class?

ParentTot - A caregiver stays in class and moves with their student, but does not have to be as active as their toddler!

Yellow & Orange - A caregiver should stay close to the classroom in case their student needs to use the restroom or just needs a hug. We also have lots of viewing windows!

Mint, Navy, Silver - Caregivers can stay or leave, as long as the number you have left on file is current in case of an emergency.

+ Why put my child in creative dance instead of ballet?

The truth is, most ballet classes are not developmentally appropriate for 3-5 year olds because their coordination is not advanced enough to handle ballet basics.

Creative dance takes children's natural love of dance and guides them to explore ways of moving they might not originally think of. This builds their problem-solving skills, ballance, coordination and gross-motor skills (like skipping or jumping). Then when they are physically ready to handle a proper ballet class, they have the foundation in place and their love of dance has not been squashed out by classroom boredom!

Did we answer your question? If not, contact us here and we’ll get back to you in 24 hours.