Here’s what you need to know

We offer 4 types of classes and have 6 levels based on age. (see below)

We meet in the Richland Community Center.

All our classes are for boys and girls.

We can help your student’s love of dance grow in a positive environment.


Creative Dance - focuses on learning through play and the 4 principles of dance: Body, Energy, Space, Time.

Rhythm & Music - uses dance, singing and instruments to teach basic musical concepts.

Technique & Choreography - teaches contemporary, jazz, and ballet technique while also incorporating choreographic elements.

Hip Hop - high energy, family friendly class for kids who love to move and groove.


ParentTot - 18 months to 3 years, perfect for little movers and their caregivers

Yellow - 3 to 4 years, any child that is bursting with energy, curiosity and creativity

Orange - 4 to 6 years, made for a kiddo that wants to explore and create movement on their own terms

Mint - 6 to 10 years, kids who interested in learning new steps as well as making up their own

Navy - 10 to 14 years, for a student who is motivated to try new steps and new ways of looking at dance

Silver - 14 to 18 years, perfect for a teen who wants to get better at dancing and learn fundamentals of choreography

Note: The amount of experience your child has in dance does not affect their level. Our teachers are highly skilled in teaching multi-level classes.

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