Thrive is comprised of experienced professionals who love helping kids find their creative voice.

Christine (left) and Shantal (right), co-owners of Thrive Dance.

Christine (left) and Shantal (right), co-owners of Thrive Dance.

Christine Riesenweber has been choreographing and teaching dance since 1999. She graduated with a Dance Performance degree from University of Central Oklahoma where she studied ballet, jazz and modern. After college, she danced professionally for two years while teaching dance at Southeast High School in Oklahoma City. There, she was the director of No Limits Dance Company, a traveling dance performance group and a pom coach. She moved to the Tri-Cities in 2014 and lives there with her awesome husband and three kids.

"Teaching was not something I set out to do. It turns out it is just who I am."

Shantal Moody has been teaching dance since 2006. She attended Brigham Young University and received a degree in Dance Education where she student-taught dance classes in public schools. She performed internationally with BYUs' prestigious dance company, Contemporary Dance Theater. Before moving to the Tri-Cities in 2015, she taught creative dance, tap, ballet and contemporary in schools and in studios in Chicago, IL. She has two adorable children and one fantastic husband.

"I see my job as a teacher is not only to transfer knowledge, but to be a listener, supporter and positive influence in my students’ lives.”

Kory is Thrive’s hip-hop teacher, and learned break dancing when he was 4 and 5 years old!

Kory is Thrive’s hip-hop teacher, and learned break dancing when he was 4 and 5 years old!

Kory Carterby has been dancing since the young age of 4. Ever since then he has been passionate about education and training, and the physical benefits one gets from Dance. He started his education career with Zumba when he was 16 and still teaches to this day. He looks forward to teaching your kids the benefits of modern Dance and health. 

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Our goals shape our decisions...

Dance is both technical and creative. To create well-rounded dancers, we structure our classes so that students get to make lots of choices. And as every parent (with toddlers or teens) knows - kids thrive on making their own choices!

It doesn't matter if a child skips for the first time or a teen nails a tricky step, every one wants to be recognized for their accomplishments. Thrive's teachers celebrate each dancers' victory.

Fantastic customer service is what we want in a studio, so that's exactly what we're doing! From pricing, to location, to our website, we put our Thrive families first.

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